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Breeding Philippine Cockatoo's

By Andrew Woolham

My proudest moment was the breeding of the Philippine cockatoo's in 2010 - I'd been working with the species since 1990 and it is a fact that they're difficult to breed in captivity. We came up with the idea to set up a 'bird dating agency' where the birds would be able to be away from public view so they could have peace and quiet.

It was a big moment when the Parrot Breeding Centre opened as the old building was quite dated and not how we wanted to keep out birds. We were able to let our female Philippine cockatoo have the pick of the males, and this method led to our first successful breeding attempt, when two chicks were reared.

This is an incredibly strong zoo with a strong foundation which is due to George Mottershead. He had such a presence about him, that you had to pay attention to him. His number one priority was the welfare of the animals and he managed to build the zoo through determination. I am proud to work here and am proud of everything the zoo does.

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