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"Like you"

By David Pechey

We had not visited Chester Zoo for some years since our children grew up. Then along came our grandson Alex who provided us as grandparents with a perfect reason to become reacquainted with the zoo's animals. We have taken Alex to the zoo regularly since his first birthday. He loves the zoo and sponsors the elephants. On a visit in April he insisted on taking along an activity book he'd received from Santa all about a zoo with illustrations of many animals. As we strolled round the zoo Alex would stop beside the various animal enclosures, search through his book for the page illustrating that animal then point it out to the animals and calling out, "It's like you". We were in stitches all day. Before leaving we captured a photo of Alex, standing in front of the penguin porthole, with his book open at the right page, pointing at the picture and saying, "Like you" for the umpteenth time. Just then a penguin dived down to the porthole behind him and seemed for all the world to be peering over Alex's shoulder, looking right at the penguin picture as if to say, "Oh, is that me?" It made our day.

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