29 Aug 2014

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, well in this case it proves a dog can be friends with any animal. In 1942, a 15 month old lion attracted so much attention after his friendly attitude towards the unlikely companion – Peter the dog. The lion, named Mowgli (after the character in the film ‘Jungle Book’)When Mowgli lost his two siblings he almost died from the grief. Peter kept him company and the pair became inseparable. So much so, when Mr G Mottershead separated them in order for Mowgli to begin spending more time with the other lions, he had to reconsider letting them live together again as they both were pining for one another! They were a huge draw to the war weary public who flocked in large numbers to see them playing together. The pair ate together, played together and slept in the same enclosure together until Peter, sadly, passed away in 1948. At the time, this was the greatest friendship between animals which the zoo had ever known, and was the subject of a film and radio talk.