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Pelly the pelican

By Chester Zoo

Our Zoo News, January 1938:

“For years Pelly the large white pelican, has been a character of his own, he has never strictly speaking been kept confined, although until his mealtime was past he would remain by his pool where visitors expected to see him. If his fish was late he would fly out of his enclosure and make his way to the house, and if the doors were open he would walk in. More than one maid has received a great shock on returning to the kitchen to find Pelly standing there with a look as much as to say, ‘Have you any fish here?’

“On one occasion a maid was washing up at the sink singing to herself, suddenly she felt something pulling at her apron strings, thinking it was one of the boys playing a prank she told him to let go, but the tugs at her strings persisted, so she turned round suddenly to remonstrate with him, but was met by Pelly’s great open beak. That shock cost the Society at least one piece of broken crockery.”

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