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Time for celebration!

By Chester Zoo

We were the first zoo in the UK to successfully breed Asian elephants in captivity. Jubilee was calf to Judy and Nobby, and made an early arrival into the world being born a month before anyone expected. Jubilee was named by viewers of the BBC's TV show Blue Peter. Judy successfully reared him to adulthood with the help of Sheba.

Chester Zoo News (June 1977): "Jubilee continues to grown daily in strength, and his weight at the time of writing has increased by about 10lbs since birth...with the first really warm day all the elephants came out. The little one has taken to life in the open and already is a great source of interest and amusement to the visitors coming daily into the zoo to see him."

Jubilee left Chester Zoo in 1998 and was transferred to Belfast Zoo.

Photo credit: Kenneth Green

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