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Komodo Dragon Arrival

By Chester Zoo

In February of 2014 we welcomed 2 new Komodo Dragons from Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic. The addition of the new reptiles was terrific news for Chester Zoo as in the wild Komodo dragons are classified as vulnerable to extinction on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

Curator of invertebrates and lower vertebrates, Dr Gerardo Garcia, described the arrival as, ‘“The arrival of this new duo is fantastic news. They are stunning creatures and wonderful ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.”

This built on another Kumodo Dragon memory for Chester Zoo from 2007 where we made international headlines through our Kumodo Dragon Flora, a Komodo dragon which – reproduced having never named mated; a process called parthenogenesis. This was the first time this had been witnessed in the species and provided crucial information to the further understanding of this great reptile.

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