8 Sep 2022
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27 Nov 2021

Well, what a windy night that was! Unfortunately, we arrived at the zoo bright and early this morning to find that Storm Arwen has had her wicked way with us and has left a mini trail of destruction. With so much tree and other debris blocking pathways right across our 128 acre zoo, we’re gutted so say we’re therefore going to have to keep our gates closed today.

Don’t worry, our incredible zoo keepers have meanwhile already checked on each and every one of the animals and all are absolutely fine – many just slept through it!

ZOO TICKETS: For those with daytime tickets to the zoo today – we’ve automatically extended them to the end of May 2022. So, please just keep hold of your booking and you’ll able to use those any time you like from now until then.

LANTERNS TICKETS FOR TONGHT (Sat 27 Nov): Anyone with tickets for tonight will automatically be refunded. We’ll also be in touch with all who were due to come along this evening with an additional option very, very soon – keep an eye on an email from us later today.

We are so, so sorry for postponing your plans but, as we really hope you’ll understand, we simply have to put the safety of our visitors first.

While we’re closed today, we’re going to get things cleared up and get our zoo back to looking its beautiful best, ready to reopen as normal tomorrow (that’s the both the zoo and The Lanterns). Thankfully, the forecast is looking much, much calmer after today!

Snuggle up, keep cosy and we’ll see you all soon.

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15 Oct 2021
A message from our CEO, Jamie Christon

We are devastated to the learn of the death of Conservative MP Sir David Amess, who very sadly died earlier today from his injuries following an attack in his local area.

Sir David, the MP for Southend West, was a huge supporter and advocate of the work we do here at the zoo and visited us only last October. Today, I wanted to share with you some kind words he sent to us in a letter following his visit:

“Chester Zoo is unquestionably one of the finest zoos I have ever visited, and you employ such excellent staff who are very dedicated. I am committed to ensuring that zoos such as yours continue to prosper, particularly with your wonderful conservation work.”

As the Vice Chair of the Zoos & Aquariums All Party Parliamentary Group, Sir David’s passion for wildlife, zoos and conservation will be greatly missed by all.

Our thoughts and condolences are very much with David’s family, friends and loved ones at this difficult time.

Jamie Christon, Chief Executive Officer

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5 Nov 2019

School children, aged 9-11, have completed a ‘take-over’ of the zoo, delivering public talks to inspire thousands of visitors to take action for wildlife.

1 Nov 2019

The conservation organisations listed below are committed to driving the palm oil industry in the right direction, and support a move to sustainable palm oil and not a blanket boycott.

1 Nov 2019

Find out all you need to know about how we created a habitat FIT FOR A KING (and his queens) from our Project Manager, Christine!

Watch our video to get a behind-the-scenes look into the design process of this state-of-the-art habitat, built specially to accommodate our pride of Asiatic lions…

30 Oct 2019

A pair of endangered red panda cubs have been spotted emerging from their den for the first time!

29 Oct 2019

Autumn is a brilliant time of year for spotting garden wildlife. Why not have a go at your very own Autumnwatch and let us know what you’ve seen. We want to know about anything you’ve seen – common and unusual, even if you’re not sure exactly what it is you can send us a photo and we’ll find out for you.

25 Oct 2019

2019 has seen the engulfing of the world’s forests as a warming planet continues to choke under smoke and flames. Despite the trials, heroes continue the fight.

25 Oct 2019

Chester Zoo and Ignite Teaching School Alliance are partners in developing and delivering our #IgniteZoo curriculum design project. It’s our shared aim to advocate for conservation to become a core part of the curriculum so more children and teachers can become part of creating a better future for our planet.