21 Jun 2023

We’ve received a £318,323 National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to accelerate nature recovery and ensure a brighter future for wildlife in Cheshire!

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16 Jun 2023

The iconic Scottish wildcat has a new lifeline thanks to a collaborative conservation project and the first-ever conservation translocation of wildcats in Britain!

9 Jun 2023

Over 20 years ago we began a mission to bring the iconic harvest mouse back from the brink of extinction in the UK. We’re thrilled to share this conservation success story alongside our brand new flagship film, showcasing the conservation hero behind the tale.

19 May 2023

Incredible new research started by our scientists and an international team has uncovered a new pig species. Introducing… the Bawean warty pig!

17 Mar 2023

The time has come for yet another year of Hedgehog Watch, and we want you to be involved!

Over the past two years, hundreds of families and communities in Cheshire have come together to map Chester’s hedgehogs and other wildlife in one of the biggest citizen science projects of its kind in the UK. As the project reaches its third year, we’re looking for Chester residents to borrow a camera trap and join our exciting initiative to discover what wildlife’s in your garden!