25 Aug 2023

Two adorable Humboldt penguin chicks have taken their first swimming lessons at the zoo!

22 Aug 2023

We’ve become the first in Europe to successfully breed a critically endangered stonefly – 28 years after it had been declared extinct!

4 Aug 2023

A rare black jaguar, named Inka has arrived at Chester Zoo as part of special programme which is caring for the species across Europe.

28 Jul 2023
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21 Jul 2023

Chester Zoo celebrates the birth of a rare baby Southern pudu, one of the world’s smallest species of deer!

6 Jun 2023

We’re celebrating the birth of one of the world’s most endangered primates, a Sulawesi crested macaque.

14 Apr 2023

We’ve welcomed the arrival of a rare baby giant anteater, who has been adorably clinging to its mum’s back!

24 Mar 2023

We’ve been given the green light to create a new habitat for vulnerable snow leopards, arriving at the zoo next year.

16 Feb 2023

We’re delighted to announce that two critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs have been born at the zoo, and our hidden cameras have captured a first glimpse!

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