21 Jun 2018

Making a difference

7-year-old Lily Carter has been baking with her great grandmother Nanny Ann to raise funds for giraffe conservation.

Lily and her Nanny Ann

Fighting a silent extinction

Populations of giraffe are experiencing a silent extinction, because most people do not realise that this iconic species is under threat.

When Lily and her family heard that giraffe numbers had plummeted by a shocking 40% during the last thirty years, Lily knew she had to get involved.

Two giraffes in the wild

Acting for wildlife

Lily said: ‘I have been reading about giraffes and I am so worried that they are on the endangered list.’

‘So, I decided to raise some money for Chester Zoo to help giraffe. Thank you very much for looking after all the animals around the world, Chester Zoo!’

Lily Carter Certificate Presentation

Thank you!

Thanks to Lily and everyone who generously supported her fundraising.

Every penny of the £35 that Lily raised will go directly to prevent extinction of giraffe.

Part of the elusive Kidepo herd