4 Apr 2017

Monsoon Forest is a place full of extraordinary wildlife; including the Moloch gibbon, Sumatran orangutan, rhinoceros hornbill and Sunda gharial. On top of the many different animals, you’re also surrounded by many beautiful, exotic flowers and plants that come in all different shapes, sizes and colours!

So, how did we create this tropical environment right here in Chester?

This is one fascinating building that brought together the skills of hundreds of people. Watch the short documentary below to find out how this complex building was made, the attention to detail that went into it and how we managed to recreated a tropical climate here in Chester:

The video was filmed last year over nine months, starting before the Monsoon Forest was complete and open to the public.

We are looking forward to seeing Islands grow and evolve in the years ahead and we hope that you enjoy seeing these changes too.

Learn more about the making of Islands from our director general, Dr Mark Pilgrim, here.