25 Nov 2022

Nearly 30 years after the golden skiffia disappeared from Mexico’s waters, our conservationists have helped to return the rare fish to the wild.

13 Oct 2022

Our reptile experts have become the first in the UK to successfully breed the extremely rare Parson’s chameleon.

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11 Aug 2022

Cameras at the zoo have captured the moment a rare giraffe arrives into the world!

2 Aug 2022

Our conservationists have welcomed a special new arrival – a critically endangered Sumatran tiger, named Dash!

8 Jul 2022

Nine adorable penguin chicks have hatched at the zoo and keepers have named them after their favourite fruits!

19 May 2022

Our conservationists have begun freezing tissue samples of the world’s rarest animals as part of the Nature’s SAFE initiative.

28 Apr 2022

We’re celebrating the birth of our first ever set of red-bellied lemur twins!

14 Apr 2022

The cotton-top tamarin is one of the world’s most endangered primates with only 2,000 left in the wild.

7 Apr 2022

Chester is currently one of just four zoos in the UK caring for the species and just 56 live in zoos across the whole of Europe.

22 Mar 2022

The new arrival was born to mum Nova and dad Cosmos!