16 October 2020

We love collaborating with partners to find new ways to connect with audiences and deliver our mission of preventing extinction. Through working in partnership we also provide a wide variety of benefits to our community; enabling people to gain skills, support their wellbeing and deliver their own education curricula.

05 August 2020

We have enlisted the help of 13 young voices in the fight to prevent extinction, with the appointment of the UK’s first zoo Youth Board.

05 May 2020

We’ve been working with HUTAN Education Awareness Programme (HEAP) for over a decade, helping to develop a strategic plan for their learning programmes alongside HEAP coordinator, Bam Abulani. 

HEAP work with schools across the Sabah region of Malaysian Borneo, educating young people about the importance of the rainforest and the wildlife within it. Although these young people live very close to the forests, education is vital to helping them learn more about its value and ensuring positive attitudes to its conservation. Our work with HEAP is therefore a crucial part of our work preventing the extinction of species like orangutans.

Two of our Conservation Education and Engagement staff, Jo and Bella, got the opportunity to visit the HEAP team in Borneo to learn more about their educational outreach programme and to identify ways that Chester Zoo could help them develop it further.


03 April 2020

We’re very excited about launching WILDEVERSE, a new game by Internet of Elephants who are brilliant game makers, passionate about conservation.