29 Jun 2015

The Tangkoko Conservation Education project – a project we support at Chester Zoo – uses education as a behaviour changing tool so that local communities change the way they live to be more harmonious with their environment.

The project’s main focus is to change attitudes towards the local biodiversity, especially the critically endangered crested macaque. This species is mainly found in the Tangkoko-Duasudara Nature Reserve, commonly called ‘Tangkoko’, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Mathilde Chanvin, funder and coordinator of the programme, has sent us an update from the project, keeping us up to speed with what has been happening in Sulawesi and some of the results she has been reporting through to us are extremely positive.

School children in classroom learning about the biodiversity in Sulawesi

Students learning about the biodiversity in Tangkoko. Photo credit: Tangkoko Conservation Education