1 Mar 2018

On the guest list were a range of businesses from the city, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, visitor attractions and workplaces. The initiative, led by Chester Zoo alongside key partners in Chester and around the UK, is all about collaboration!


We want to make sustainable palm oil the norm! But to do this we need to work together.  And what we can do right now in the UK, to have a positive impact on the situation over on the ground in Borneo and Sumatra, is to buy and create demand for sustainably produced palm oil which doesn’t harm wildlife.


“It was great to see so many local businesses come along to discover more about the campaign and understand how they can help us to achieve our goal of becoming the first sustainable palm oil city in the world.”

Chester Zoo’s Field Conservation Manager, Cat Barton

“Animals such as the magnificent orangutan are under threat as unsustainable oil palm plantations are wiping out rainforests to produce convenience food and household items.

“We need to act now to prevent precious wildlife from extinction.  The great thing is, we can all do something to help make a difference too.  The enthusiasm and feedback from the event has been overwhelming and we’re really looking forward to working with others across the city to drive this initiative forward!  We’re extremely proud of the city and its reaction to acting for wildlife. Thank you to all who came along.”

Chris Matheson MP, talking at SPOC event



“This is Chester leading the way again, I’m so proud of the zoo for taking this project on, and so pleased to be involved in it as Chester’s MP.”

Chris Matheson MP, City of Chester

The Chester Sustainable Palm Oil City campaign, led by Chester Zoo, partners with Chez Jules, the Orangutan Land Trust and the Sumatran Orangutan Society, and is endorsed by key conservation organisations and supported by a host of industry advisors.

Our campaign continues to grow as Chester Zoo becomes the official charity partner for the Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival which takes place at Chester Racecourse over the Easter weekend.  We’ll have a team of experts attending the festivities alongside 150 other exhibitors to promote our Sustainable Palm Oil City project!  As well as running some fun activities, the team will be sharing their knowledge on the threat facing orangutans as a result of the unsustainable palm oil industry and how everyone can help to make a difference!

NOW is the time to ACT FOR WILDLIFE. Conservation is CRITICAL; species are under threat. TOGETHER we can make a BIG difference. Take action TODAY and join us in PREVENTING EXTINCTION.