Chris Matheson, MP for Chester, has praised our “pioneering research” aiming to develop a vaccine for a deadly virus that is threatening the survival of Asian elephants globally.

Chris Matheson visited our elephant experts and Jamie Christon, our CEO, to see the ongoing efforts to find a safe and effective vaccine for elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV). EEHV is a devastating disease that is proving a major THREAT to the long-term future of the already endangered species.


Conservationists say a vaccine is the best hope to finding a long-term solution to tackle this devastating disease. Our scientists at the zoo, in partnership with virology experts at Surrey University, are leading the search on behalf of the international conservation community, with the world’s first trial of a potential vaccine now underway.


“Chester Zoo is not only a major asset for the city of Chester and the wider North West in terms of the profile and benefits it brings to the region – it’s a world-leading centre for scientific research and plays a MAJOR role in preventing the extinction of countless species.

Chris Matheson, Chester MP

Chris continued to say:

“The work the zoo and its partners are doing to try to find a solution for the global EEHV crisis is truly pioneering. The vaccine trial is a HUGE step in the RIGHT direction and, while no one is getting carried away just yet, there’s real optimism that they’re on the right track towards finding a solution. It was a privilege to witness the work that’s going on at close quarters and seeing the skill, dedication and innovation among the teams working on this important project fills me with hope that the Asian elephant may have a BRIGHTER future.

“This really is world-leading conservation in action, taking place right here in the heart of Chester!”

Backed by more than £250,000 in public generous donations, we’ve long been at the forefront of the fight to find a solution to the global EEHV crisis and efforts to develop an effective vaccine that can be rolled out worldwide.


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