3 Jun 2020

Our gates may be closed, but Chester Zoo is still PREVENTING EXTINCTION. From caring for 35,000 animals to helping conservation organisations across the world manage the impact of this crisis, our fight for wildlife will not stop, so your support is more vital than ever!



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Take a look at what our FUNDRAISING SUPERSTARS have been doing at home to help us in our fight to PREVENT EXTINCTION!

9-year-old Soraya has run the equivalent of a marathon in 13 days to help raise money for the zoo! She’s was so worried about how Chester Zoo would be able to feed all of the animals without getting money from visitors.

She ran her marathon by doing 2 miles around a field everyday – 16 laps for each 2 miles! Soraya completed her marathon on 10 May, running the last laps in fancy dress! To date she has raised an epic £810 for the zoo!


Being from a key worker family, Roman has been going to school during the lockdown where they have been watching our LIVE Fridays; and he has come home wanting to make a difference.

Roman is eight years old and is on the autism spectrum; he really does not love having his big curly hair cut, but he’s decided to shave his head for Chester Zoo! He’s never ever had it cut this short (his mum is dreading it!) however, this decision is entirely his own and something he really wants to do.

His family will be live streaming the shave on Facebook, and to date he has raised an epic £810 for the zoo!


Chester Zoo team member Steph is busy making and selling homemade facemasks to raise money for the zoo, and to help spread our conservation education messages around the world so we can continue to safeguard the future of the planet.

With the help of her fiancé, Steph has spent hours drawing up templates, pinning and sewing. Masks are available in a range of fabric patterns, in various sizes and she’s already had 93 mask requests so far and hopes to secure many more donations.

Charging a small fee to cover materials/postage, all buyers then make a donation to the Zoo through her JustGiving page. With around 530 species to look after on site, Steph set herself a £530 target and is almost there – let’s help her smash it!


Chester Zoo lab technician John has set himself the gruelling task of cycling 1000 km by the end of May (that works out about 40km a day!). He will be doing this from the safety of his flat on a spin bike, and will be posting regular updates on his JustGiving page.

John is already up to an incredible £560, so let’s wish him the very best of luck reaching his ambitious £1000 target!


In May 2019 Caroline cycled the Hebridean Way. 185 miles was a long way for a self-confessed unfit non-cyclist but she did it! This year, as it looks like she won’t get back there, she’s decided to walk the length of that very route, but at home in Flintshire.

The Outer Hebrides are a haven for wildlife, so as she walks the miles she’ll be sharing some of the stories and species from this stunning part of the world, as she fundraises to prevent extinction.


Just before the lockdown Liz bought a bike from the “cycle to work scheme”. As yet, its sitting unused in the garage, therefore Liz has decided to cycle the 136 miles she would have cycled to work in June to raise vital funds for Chester Zoo.

She’s even roped the family in too, as husband Nick is going to join her in the challenge too….


Cathy is the mastermind behind Chester Zoo’s habitats, and to remind her of the Grasslands project (which is sadly now on hold for the time being) Cathy has decided to cycle 300 miles to raise money for Chester Zoo – the equivalent distance of the Wildebeest migration – by the end of June.

Wildebeest typically inhabit the Serengeti plains of south-eastern Africa. For most of their lives, wildebeest graze in the grassy savannahs and open woodlands of the plains, which straddle the nations of Tanzania and Kenya. More than 1.5 million wildebeest migrate in an enormous loop every year and it is recognized as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Natural World.”


On Saturday 9 May it was #GlobalBigDay. It was also the day when Chester Zoo Science Director Simon completed his bird-based fundraiser for both Chester Zoo and the NHS. His challenge was to record as many bird species as possible at home & from his bike. His final tally for the day was 74 bird species and an amazing £400 in donations to the zoo.

His ‘Bioblitz’ was so successful, Simon is going to continue doing other wildlife-related challenges throughout the lockdown.


The People Team at Chester Zoo have chosen 30 endangered animals and plants that have a connection to the zoo and our conservation programmes.

Each day for 30 days we will be drawing, painting, knitting, making that animal and sharing our creations with you. We hope you’ll see our artistic talents developing over the month (fingers crossed) and share in our passion for wildlife!


One million steps. One month.

Jamie and Dom – Chief Operating Officer and Operations Director at Chester Zoo – have pledged to walk a collective one million steps around the zoo site in the first month we’re back open to the public, all to raise vital funds and secure the future of this incredible organisation they’re so proud to work for.



If you want to be a FUNDRAISING SUPERSTAR, take a look at our our great fundraising ideas for how you can #DoGood at home!



We need your help now more than ever to continue the crucial work we do, caring for our animals, and wildlife around the planet. 

Visitor income is critical to us; it makes up about 97% of our income, and without it we need your help now more than ever to continue the crucial work we do, caring for our animals, and wildlife around the planet.