16 Jul 2012

The elegant Caribbean and Chilean flamingos, Red-breasted geese and corals in the aquarium will take centre stage in a thought-provoking exhibition that encourages visitors to ‘make change, not carbon.’

Beginning in the Joseph Banks Room and including a makeshift kitchen with tips on how to ‘Be a Hero at Home,’ the exhibition looks at alternative energy and encourages visitors to share their climate change stories.

The exhibition will then continue with messaging at the flamingos, penguins, aquarium and Europe on the Edge aviary.

Maggie Esson, Education Programme Manager of the zoo’s Discovery and Learning Division, said: “Hot Pink Flamingos aims to inspire both current and future generations to think about the impact of climate change on the world around them.

“We all have a responsibility in tackling climate change and the best way to get these messages across is to use our own inspiring animals.”

Hot Pink Flamingos opens on July 23 and has been donated to Chester by Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.