28 Aug 2013


Five golden poison frogs

Did you know? This frog’s scientific name – Phyllobates terribilis – reflects the fact it’s extremely toxic (terribilis means ‘terrible’ in Latin).

They’re so poisonous that the Embera Indians collect them in woven baskets and rub their blow gun darts on their backs to make effective tools for hunting.


Seventeen blue poison frogs

Did you know? Male blue poison frogs make great dads and do their bit to look after clutches of youngsters.


Six casthead iguanas

Did you know? These iguanas have very long legs and toes which help them live a lifestyle up in the trees!



Three Amazon milk frogs

Did you know? These frogs can produce an incredibly sticky milky substance from their skin which acts as a great defensive mechanism.

If a predator such as a snake tries to strike then not only does the milk taste disgusting, the stickiness can glue the snakes jaw together for a period of time.


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