2 Dec 2016

Dan Bentley ran 14 events to raise funds for ape conservation. Here he tells us what made him run for wildlife and how his Nan’s inspiring words kept him going. Why walk when you can run?

‘Over the past year I’ve been running quite a bit…

I launched a campaign called ‘Great Runs For Great Apes’ in late 2015 with the aim to motivate myself to run over winter, possibly inspire some other human apes and raise a few quid along the way for something I ape-solutely love.

I couldn’t decide which charity to go with so I split 50/50 with The Aspinall Foundation, and Act for Wildlife led by Chester Zoo – both awesome. These charities have been really supportive by sending me good lucks before and thank yous after every event and I really recommend running and raising for them. Thanks Donna and Hannah.

Why apes? Apes are ace.

Running is also ace. It will change your life. Some of these events really picked me apart. Probably a bit silly to run a half marathon, 50 mile ultra and a couple of marathons within the final month, but having £1000 as my target I needed to do try and do something impressive to try and reach that.’

‘Kindly supported by everyone at Dockside Runners, Saturday Morning Jog Club, friends and family we managed to get the target in donapetions! YESSSS! Thanks to you I’ve raised a final total of £1,567.77 ! ! !

Nan was giving her famous iron-fist to cancer at 89 years young earlier this year and together we had planned in a few events that she was going to recover and be at the finish line for. Within the last month of her life I was helping her down the stairs for the very first, and last time. We took one step at a time, quick breather, next step, little break, next step. Nan being proud Nan got fed up and decided to try and take two steps, left and then right… falls backwards onto her bum and chuckles. Telling her again to take her time she shrugs it off and replied, “Why walk when you can run?” Stuck with me, that. Some events listed below Nan paid for, and I wish she could’ve made the finish line, but she was truly there in spirit at every one and in every hard step.

I am proud of myself doing Great Runs For Great Apes, and I couldn’t thank you all enough. 100% of the raised money will contribute towards a positive change in the lives of great apes and the support has positively changed mine. There is so much more to running around the block than you might think…’

Dan’s achievement in the name of great ape conservation is incredible.
Join Team Act for Wildlife today and find out what you can achieve.


Dan’s Great Runs For Great Apes included:

Whistle Stop Tour of Wirral / Sept 11th, 12th
Wirral Half Marathon (part of Whistle Stop) / Sept 13th
Chester Marathon / Oct 4th
HellRunner Half Marathon / Oct 17th
RunTheRed Half Marathon / Dec 23rd

Parbold Hill race / Feb 13th
Liverpool Half Marathon / March 13th
Canalathon 50k / March 27th
Port Sunlight 10k / May 15th
The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge / Aug 21st
The Great North Run / Sept 11th
Ladybower 50 miler / Sept 18th
Chester Marathon / Oct 2nd
York Marathon / Oct 9th

A huge THANK YOU to Dan and everyone who supported his Great Runs for Great Apes!