15 Feb 2021

Hello explorers! Welcome! We’re SOOOOO pleased you could join us on our Around the World in 5 Rainforests adventure!


Rainforests are JUST AMAZING, whilst they cover just 6% of the Earth’s surface they contain more than 1/2 of the world’s plant and animal species!  

There’s so much to discover but first we need to get our bags packed!

But what to take?
What’s the rainforest like and what will we need? 

So we might need something to keep us dry then… but what else? Can you figure out what else you might need to pack?

INCOMING: We’ve just received this video message from some of our conservation experts out in one of the rainforests around the world. Watch and listen carefully for some clues about some other items that might come in handy to pack.

For some extra help use our activity: Pack your bags for a Rainforest Expedition


Perfect you’re all set…

Now, remember how we said we were finding all sorts of weird coded messages everywhere?  We’ve just discovered something under a nearby rock which we think might help.

Take a look under the rock by clicking here

(HINT: Keep hold of that, as it might be useful across the rest of the week!)

Now then, where are we?

Let’s take a look at our rainforest map to see where the different rainforests around the world are…

Today we’re exploring the rainforests of South America, deep in the midst of the Amazon. There’s all sorts of different sounds we can hear from our base camp.

Stay quiet and listen carefully! Quite often you can hear something coming before you can see it.

Have a think about how you might recreate the rainforest sounds at home by using our sounds of the rainforest activity.  Have a go at making some rainforest instruments whilst you’re at it!

The Sounds of the Rainforest

Let’s go for a trek!

As we head out into the forest, what might we find?

There are different layers to the rainforest. The tops of the trees are so high up, who do you think might live up there?

What’s that?!

There are some scratch marks on the tree just here… that reminds me of those mysterious notes I read. Maybe if we can crack the code we can find out what animal left them there? 

Explorer note – Monday

Can you figure it out?

I think you might be right…

Hang on there’s a really strange animal in the tree here too. It’s moving really slowly and hanging upside down. Lovely long hair… I’m not sure what it is? Can you work it out?

Maybe we should do some more research on this animal.  Can you make us a fact file so we can learn more?

To help you, download our:  Animal Fact File Template

Oh look!

We’ve come across some brightly coloured poison dart frogs.

Let’s use our recording sheets to record all the different colours we can see. 

Download our: Poison Dart Frog Colouring Activity


Shhhh! It’s starting to get dark now, we should head back to camp.

But what’s this?

Another mysterious note.

It’s written using those symbols again. Can you help me decode it? 

Save the note for your records here


Well that doesn’t make any sense at all does it?

Maybe we should sleep on it.

Get some rest and we’ll see you bright and early tomorrow for an adventure to a different rainforest! 

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