16 Feb 2021

Good morning fellow rainforest explorers, Hope you slept well. We’re still a bit baffled about that  strange note we found yesterday.  Do you know what it might mean?


Now, let’s see, where are we today?  It’s time to explore this new habitat to see where we’ve ended up this time!


Can you hear all of those beautiful bird calls? Let’s grab our binoculars and see what we can find…

Wow! We MUST be in a South East Asian rainforest by the sounds and sights all around us.

There are some beautiful bird species in South East Asia aren’t there? It actually reminds me of a story I heard once…take a listen or have read of The Story of the Silent Forest

Sounds like a bit of a problem doesn’t it? So glad there are still birds around here, but it’s another reason we need to protect these birds, to keep the forests from falling silent! 

We think origami birds might be something a bit nicer to keep at home, don’t you?  Just as pretty to have on display and you can learn a new art skill while you’re at it! 

Create your own birds to recreate the endangered birds of the forest using our Origami songbird collection 

Hang on… what’s this on the floor here?

It looks sticky, like honey!

That reminds us of those explorer notes again. Wonder if you can work out which animal has been around here? 

Explorer note – Tuesday

All this talk of honey has made us all so hungry and it’s starting to rain now too, maybe we should head back to camp for some food.

Well the rain hasn’t stopped for an hour now, looks like we’re stuck in camp!

Maybe we should do some cooking while we wait. It’s Pancake Day after all, shall we make some sustainable palm oil treats? 

You’ve heard of palm oil right?! 

Take a look…

For more information, have a look at our Palm Oil Fact Poster


Now you know a bit more, go on a sustainable palm oil investigation to see what you can record: Sustainable Palm Oil Investigation

We can make some really tasty treats with products containing Sustainable Palm Oil while we wait for the rain to stop.

Now where’s our recipe book gone?

Ah here it is! Download some tasty recipes to try using our: Sustainable Palm Oil Recipe Pack

Might need to walk off the extra portions now though, let’s head out again now the rain has stopped.

We heard the sound of hornbills coming from the east before, so let’s head that way! 

Look there’s one… 

You can tell that one is a male because of his red eyes.
He must be feeding the female in the hollow of that tree…look!

Actually, It reminds us of the hornbill game we used to play…

Play our: Feed the Hornbill Game

Oh dear! We’ve been watching so long it’s started to get dark. Best get back to camp!

We better do our washing up from earlier too, and put our recipe book away… hang on though!

What’s this slipped inside the recipe book? It’s another one of those strange notes.

Strange note – Tuesday

Let’s see if we can work out what it’s saying?

Where did we put our codebreaker?

Hmmm, I think we might have a puzzle on our hands here, let’s look for more notes tomorrow!

For now… time for bed…after one more Sun Bear shortbread!



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