9 Jun 2011

Alex Fletcher (who plays Diane O’Connor) and Jessica Fox (Nancy Hayton) got to grips with the giant raptor – just one of number of dinosaurs that are set to take over Chester Zoo this summer.

Ms Fletcher said: “Hollyoaks Village has been home to all sorts of wicked characters over the years but I think this must be the scariest of the lot.”

While the raptor was visiting the fictional village in Chester, the city will soon be invaded by pre-historic lizards for real – as 13 animatronic dinosaurs prepare to go on display here at the zoo. Our new exhibition – Dinosaurs at Large! – will show visitors exactly what it would have been like to get up close and personal with such huge creatures.It will be the first time ever that the robotic dinosaurs from America have appeared in a European zoo. Among them will be the giant apatosaurus – with its distinctive long neck – and the infamous tyrannosaurus rex, the most feared land predator of all time. The event, which aims to spread the message of extinction, will run from 1st July until 8th October.