8 Nov 2016

Elinor, who was born on 21 August to mum Nadine, was taken ill on Thursday morning (3/11/16) after taking a significant knock to her back end from one of the adult members of the herd. Keeping and veterinary teams were with her throughout the day but, despite their very best efforts, she was unable to recover and died on Friday.

Elinor was the third foal to be born at the zoo in the last two years and, in her short time, she had been extremely popular with staff, members and visitors alike.

Grevy’s zebra numbers have declined by more than 85% over the last 30 years making them an endangered species. Only 1,900 individuals are estimated to remain in the wild so Elinor’s death will be felt deeply by all those who had cared for her every day.

The zoo’s remaining herd of five Grevy’s zebra are all well.