16 May 2022

We want to empower young people to make good choices and advocate for the planet.

One of the prime motives of education is making children and young people aware of the real world and developing their minds in such a way that they can address those issues.

No matter how much we progress, we should never stop caring for the environment. Sadly, at the pace in which environmental issues are rising, it has become a necessity for children to be aware of environmental issues from a young age.

There’s no doubt that we need a future full of passionate environmental people, and it’s our job to inspire and empower children and young people to realise their influence and impact. It’s important for them to talk about real world issues such as the biodiversity and climate crisis within their school environment and have the opportunity to explore and respond to the complexities and solutions around them.

Instead of promising students that today’s lesson will be important in their lives someday, we should help them to apply what they’re learning to tackle real issues now.

Our learning programmes are designed to accomplish this through discovery and exploratory workshops and activities with children across all age groups. Our activities raise their awareness around the issues and challenges that face us and our planet but crucially provide them with the skills and tools to make a difference and have a voice!

Our work through Ignite , outreach projects and development of Conservation Curriculum Toolkits provide opportunities for schools to put conservation and sustainability at the heart of their curriculum and harness the passion and compassion of young people to become environmental stewards in their own lives. These issues are used across different subjects as a basis for discussions, debates, performances, and conservation action to find their voice.

Education is needed to help the next generation adapt and respond to challenges associated with biodiversity and climate crisis. There’s a growing momentum following the launch of the Climate and Sustainability Education Strategy in April 2022 and now more than ever we need to proactively support learners throughout their school life to gain perspective, access accurate information, and realise how they can make a positive impact on the planet.


Our outreach projects are the perfect way to get your whole school involved in a conservation initiative and really make the most of a trip to the zoo. Through a series of exciting workshops and a fantastic zoo visit we can introduce your learners to one of our key conservation campaigns. We’ll help to empower them to take action to protect wildlife and our planet.

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Our Conservation Curriculum Toolkits help teachers from anywhere to put conservation at the heart of pupils’ learning. Explore lesson plans, assembly planners, topic webs, progression overviews, knowledge organisers, resources and more to get your whole school started on their own conservation curriculum journey.



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