19 Jul 2018

Lily’s determination

All over Indonesia, forests are falling silent as the songbirds that once thrived there are threatened with extinction.

To raise funds and awareness for songbirds, 8-year-old Lily Owen was determined to take on a duathlon.

Lily Owen Duathlon Fundraising for Songbirds

Every penny counts

Lily said: ‘I am very proud to have finished my very first duathlon and raise £178.39, because I know every penny will help save songbirds.’

‘Afterwards, I gave a talk at my school to tell everyone what I’d done and how it will make a difference. I hope other people will join in too.’

black winged starling

Running, cycling and then back to running again

‘I had never done anything like this before, so I’d been practising hopping on and off my bike in the garden.’

‘On the day, even though it was very hot, I knew I was ready and I could make a quick change between running and cycling, then back to running again.’

Lily Owen Duathlon Fundraising for Songbirds

For the songbirds!

‘The hardest part was at the very end. I got a bit of stitch, but I had to keep going for the songbirds!’

Wearing her homemade songbirds t-shirt, Lily ran 200m, cycled 1km and finally ran 500m, all in 9mins and 59 seconds.

Lily Owen Duathlon Fundraising for Songbirds

Conservationist of the future

As the daughter of our very own Chester Zoo Curator of Birds Andrew Owen, Lily is already following in her father’s footsteps and preventing extinction.

Well done Lily!

Lily Owen Duathlon Fundraising for Songbirds