26 Sep 2019

Since 2017 we’ve been working with Ignite TSA to inspire schools to put conservation at the heart of their curriculum, empowering pupils and teachers to act for wildlife.

As well as taking conservation action by campaigning, changing their playgrounds and buying habits and fundraising for conservation causes, many of the IgniteZoo projects have led to amazing celebrations of pupil’s work. Schools across the region have created incredible, immersive exhibits in their school halls, in their class rooms, and even extending out into their office areas, outdoor spaces and online.  The exhibitions are an inspiring way of presenting the work of all the children and bringing the whole school together, sharing with the community, as well as celebrating their hard work and passion for wildlife conservation.

The exhibitions have allowed teachers to get creative; presenting maths, English, science , geography, IT, art, music – every part of their curriculum learning in a fun and inviting way for pupils, fellow staff members and parents. What has been brilliant to see, is the power of the pupils’ voice, with local businesses and press attending the exhibitions and being guided around by the pupils themselves. The passion for their work and their role in preventing extinction is inspiring.

Take a look at some great examples of palm oil projects from Lower Peover, William Stockton and Wimboldsley schools below, who also joined our Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge!


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