12 Feb 2021

The zoo may be closed but that hasn’t stopped our work with schools.  Over the lockdown period we have engaged with thousands of schools and pupils via our virtual workshops , our live virtual zoo days and with our free online resources.  It’s been brilliant but we wanted to know if there was more that we could do.

We are very lucky here at Chester Zoo to work in partnership with a panel of education experts (Curriculum Advisory Panel) who help to direct our work making it as usable and relevant as possible for schools. With their advice we are really excited to announce our latest offering… 

Go Wild: A 5 week learning journey

to look after wildlife and ourselves

This brand new offer brings together virtual video content with our online resources to create an educational journey that touches on many areas of the national curriculum.  Designed for upper KS2 and KS3 our programme is adaptable to other age groups.  It can be ran as a 5 week challenge using one day a week to complete the programme or as one 5 day ‘Wild Week’ where you complete every day Mon-Fri. 

Our Curriculum Advisory Panel of education experts (teachers, senior leaders, head teachers, MAT leaders, university lectures, education advisors) were able to share with us how much is going on in schools at the moment during these difficult times.  They suggested that teachers might welcome a programme of work that incorporates elements of wellbeing with learning to benefit pupils, staff and of course wildlife!

With this in mind, we have developed a package that is quick and easy for teachers to pick up and run; with activities that fit in to many areas of the curriculum (maths, literacy, history geography, science) but also offer the wellbeing benefits of getting outdoors, getting active and making a difference. 



Detective week!

What will you find living in your local area?


Let’s go back in time!

We look back in time – how did our wildlife get here and how has the landscape changed over time? We’ll also take a look at the history of the zoo.


Total rubbish!

Well, at least in part as we look at the threats to wildlife! But on a positive note, we’ll also look at some of the zoo’s native species work.


Get active!

We look at practical ways that we can help wildlife in our local area.


The future!

Wildlife Connections Amphibian masterclass

We look to the future for wildlife and ourselves.  Would you like a career in conservation?

We will be adding each week as a downloadable pack to our Support for Educators section very soon, so keep an eye out!


If you do decide to ‘Go Wild’ with us, then please do let us know.  Share your journey or your ‘Wild Week’ with us on Facebook and Twitter, as we’d love to see what you get up to, and are sure you will inspire other schools to give it a go too.

We also have a Conservation Education & Engagement Community Facebook Group where you can talk to other teachers and educators who are taking part in Go Wild and other conservation education activities!


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