5 Jun 2015

The field conservation team at Chester Zoo work with partners in many different environments all over the world; from the tropical rainforests of Borneo-to the temperate woodlands of the UK.

Kinabatangan rainforest in Borneo. Credit: Hutan-KOCP
Bontuchel woodland in the UK

We work with those living in areas where conflict with their environment may become a problem and help them to adapt to live in harmony with the animals in the landscape that they are living in. Our Asian elephants programme-for example-through the Assam Haathi Project works to find solutions to the human-elephant conflict which occurs in the area.

Chester Zoo staff members supplying training in Assam

You can also get involved in making changes to your lifestyle that can have positive effects on the environment-not just in the country that we live in-but all over the world.

Palm oil is an issue which is becoming increasingly part of our everyday lives Рit is a vegetable oil used in around 50% of our supermarket products and grown predominantly in South East Asia.  Many companies now choose to use sustainable palm oil which has less impact on the environment and local people. By making wise choices with your shopping-you can choose to support sustainable palm oil production and help save the environment that animals-such as orangutans-live in.

Orangutan in the wild. Photo credit: Nick Tignonsini