20 Jun 2016

He works closely with The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, and his numerous books and regular appearances of TV and radio have made him the ‘go-to man’ for anything hedgehog related.

Hugh recently ran a masterclass at Chester Zoo all about our spikey friend. The activities were part of our series of Wildlife Connections events; highlighting the importance of creating safe spaces for our precious local wildlife.

Sadly, the hedgehog isn’t doing too well in the UK. Numbers have fallen over the last decade and they are disappearing at the same rate as tigers are worldwide!

We managed to catch up with Hugh when he visited the zoo to find out more about the threats facing hedgehogs and what we can do to help save them:

Read our guide on how you can make your garden more hedgehog-friendly here. If you’ve recently spotted a hedgehog in your garden, don’t forget to let us know by recording your findings here.