26 Jun 2017

Cindy provides us with more information about what she will be delivering on this unique course and how it will help those who are looking to have their photography work published:

Digital Image Management seems to be something that most photography classes ignore. Why do you think that is?

I think that most classes concentrate on the making of an image, not what to do next. When we were all shooting film that was ok; but now that everything is digital, what happens after we push the button can be a bit daunting. My hope for this course is to simplify the editing, storage and workflow process. Stephen will be talking about workflow while processing your images, so we might have a bit of overlap, but getting different ideas is always great!

Workflow is something very personal and everyone has to find something that makes sense to them personally. This is often where photographers of all levels get bogged down and frustrated because they just don’t know where to start. I will give the class attendees several different ways to think about how to edit, store and rate there images that will simplify their photo files. With Sue and Stephen’s help, they will be able to create beautiful images. My class will help them be able to FIND them in their files a month later!

What is metadata and why is it important?

All digital cameras automatically record information about the shot (metadata) every time we push the button. Knowing where to find this information is very helpful so we know what settings were used in our successful images, but more importantly, seeing what went wrong in the ones that didn’t turn out so well. This information is very helpful to become a better photographer. The second type of metadata is the kind that photographers can input AFTER we make an image. Many photographers don’t even know that is possible, let alone know where to start. This is where I will be there to help them understand a few simple ways to input information into their image files and why it’s important.

What benefit will your classes be for a hobbyist verses somebody that is perhaps more serious about selling their images?

The classes are geared to have a bit of something for every level of photographer from advanced hobbyist to professional. Everybody can benefit from good image management and sound business practices, even if they only show their images to family and friends via Facebook. Knowing a bit about copyright law can helpful if you are entering photo contests, for example. We will cover a bit about the business of photography and marketing your images. For many who dream of having their work published, this will give them a realistic idea of how to start down that road. 

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