4 Apr 2017

From time to time there may be some of our animals that aren’t on show to the public. But with 12,000 residents at the zoo we’re sure you’ll always find plenty to see.

Over the coming months we’ll adding even more to the Islands experience. Keep checking back for any new arrivals.


Meet the Visayan warty pig with their distinctive tuffs of hair and warts. Only 200 Visayan warty pigs are thought to be left in their native habitat in the Philippines – making them the rarest of all wild pigs.  


Discover the remarkable and sometimes fearsome Southern cassowary lurking in these dense and misty forests.



This island is home to the stunning Bali starling – a beautiful but critically endangered bird that was once on the brink of extinction in the wild.

Also in the Bali Starling Temple you’ll soon find the Java sparrow. Also known as the Java rice bird, these birds are distinctive with their thick red bill and grey upper parts.

Take in the stunning Balinese views across the Broken Bridge and discover the elusive banteng grazing beyond the rice terraces.


Sumatra will be home to some of the most loved and most endangered animals that you’ll find on our islands including the Sumatran tiger and Sumatran orangutan as well as the rhinoceros hornbill, one of the largest birds found in the rainforests of Asia.

Here you will find a multitude of wonderful animal and plant species including the Sunda gharial crocodile in their 3 metre deep pool and due to the climate in Monsoon Forest we’re able to grow plants from South East Asia, including the giant lily and pitcher plants.

You’ll also soon be able to see a wide range of free flight birds, amazing invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and fish on display in Monsoon Forest.

Chestnut-backed thrush Crested wood partridge (male)Fairy bluebird (male)Superb fruit dove (male)Grosbeak starling Nicobar pigeon Victoria crowned pigeon White naped pheasant pigeon

Asian forest scorpionAtlas beetle Dead leaf mantis Giant Asian mantis Giant leaf insect Jungle nymphs (female)Malaysian katydid Vampire crab Asian giant tortoise Giant Asian pond turtle Six-striped long-tailed grass lizard Asian grass frog Borneo eared frog Mao-Son frog Bamboo shrimp Betta (male)Clown Rasbora Cobalt blue gobie Giant pikehead Halfbeak (male)Kubota’s microrasbora Onion snail Pagoda snail Peppermint pikehead Phoenix rasbora Rabbit snail Red scissortail Scissortail rasbora Snakeskin barb Tiger barb White seamed betta


A lively village market place. Mingle with the locals at Sumba School, take the Lazy River Boat Trip or stock up on supplies for the rest of your expedition.


Take a last look at the amazing variety of life that exists in the forests including the Sulawesi crested macaque, anoa and babirusa and emerge from your expedition to enjoy the sights and sounds of Manado Town.