22 Dec 2015

In January a team of staff from the zoo will travel to a

remote forest in Madagascar. Madagascar is renowned for its incredible biodiversity-a unique part of the world where evolution has generated amazing creatures.

The forest our expedition team will be visiting is home to the only remaining population of the golden mantella frog – a critically endangered species.

Golden mantella frog

The expedition team is made up of experts in amphibian conservation and members of our herpetology team-who will work to survey and assess the situation for the frogs in the wild-and spend time restoring their habitat.

Additionally members of the zoo’s primate team will be running some of the first camera trap studies on the nine species of lemur believed to be present in the forest.

Indri lemur
Woolly lemur


A member of our bird team will be working to create the first bird list for this little studied-newly protected forest-and two members of our education team will be working with local schools and universities to promote the local biodiversity of Madagascar and raise awareness of conservation issues both locally and globally.

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