23 Sep 2016

Only a small number of mountain chicken frogs remain on just two islands, Dominica and Montserrat. On the island of Montserrat there are just two individuals left – one male and one female. A field trip to reunite these two remaining wild mountain chicken frogs recently took place, and Katy Upton, Chester Zoo’s lower vertebrates and invertebrates curatorial assistant, was one of the team members. Here she tells us more about their mission:

The aim of this trip was to translocate the last female mountain chicken on Montserrat into the range of the last male.

Katy Upton, curatorial assistant

It was amazing and heartbreaking to see my very first wild mountain chicken and realise quite how alone she is.

“I felt incredibly lucky and hopeful to hear the last two mountain chickens in Montserrat calling to one another.

Mountain chicken frog - Photo: Gerardo Garcia

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