3 Jan 2013

We’ve put together a handy guide so you can see all our new arrivals in one place.

Nothing beats seeing them in person of course, so make sure you buy your tickets online and zip past the queues.


Meet the elephant calves

Our elephant herd got a little larger last November with the birth of Hari and again in January with Bala.

We even showed you some incredible CCTV footage of the birth of Bala.


Meet the orangutan babies

Our newest orangutan arrivals are Tripa, born in October last year, and Tuti, who was born in January. You’ll be able to spot the youngsters close to their mothers in our Realm of the Red Ape exhibit.


Meet our rhino calves

We are lucky enough to have two lively black rhino calves – Chanua, who was born in October last year and Dakima, born in March.

Eastern black rhinos are critically endangered, with only around 650 left in the wild.


Meet our giraffe calves

You won’t need to crane your neck to see our giraffe calves. Standing at over 6 feet tall already, our beautiful giraffe calves can be seen galloping around their paddock.

Kanzi was born in October last year, and Millie was born in March.


Meet our Okapi calf

The birth of Okapi calf Tafari in November was an extra special occasion as it was the first time an okapi has been born at Chester Zoo.

Okapi are the closest living relative to the giraffe, as you can see by their long tongues and long necks.


Meet our Babirusa piglets and otter pups

Our Babirusa piglets and Asian short-clawed otter pups were given a health check last month, with the piglets being named Salem and Yala, and the otters named Wallace and Dili.


Meet our penguin chicks

Our latest arrivals are Humboldt penguin chicks, who started hatching just last month. The chicks have been named after characters from Dr Who, with one of the very first being named Doctor!

Doctor has been joined by Tardis, Davros and Dalek, with more expected before long.


And a special welcome to…

We’re a busy, thriving zoo and part of what we do is to welcome animals from other zoos through coordinated breeding programmes.

Over the past few months we’ve been delighted to welcome Napo, a stunning jaguar from France, Marjorie, a Malaysian tapir from Belfast Zoo, and Nima, a beautiful red panda who arrived from a zoo in Ireland.