25 Jan 2017


I’ve been a part of Chester Zoo’s security team now for three years. It’s a great place to work with some amazing animals and people.

I set myself a list of goals to complete this year and the three peaks was one of them. What better way to complete them than raising some money for one of my favourite animals at our zoo?!

Hopefully this will be the first of many charity events I will be completing over the next few years for Act for Wildlife.


I’m assistant team manager of the carnivore team at Chester Zoo and painted dogs are one of the incredible animals I work with.

I have walked Snowdon before, but I’ve never walked Ben Nevis or Scafell Pike, so I’m a bit nervous to complete the challenge!


I’m a Carnivore keeper working together with Lucy. The chance to work for an organisation which is so heavily involved in important conservation is a rewarding experience.

I am really looking forward to walking the 3 Peaks to help one of the fantastic species I work with every day.

3 Peaks team, Chris Simpson


I’m a guest experience supervisor at the zoo, looking after all our guests’ needs and overall site presentation. I lead a team of people to achieve these goals so I am like the leader of the pack!!!

I’ve always wanted to do the three peaks challenge so when the opportunity came up to do it to raise money to help these wonderful animals with my amazing work colleagues, I jumped at the chance.


I work within a busy pack down in the membership office located at the main entrance assisting Chester Zoo’s members and adopters. My role varies from general enquiries to complex Direct Debit processes, which requires a lot of team work just like a pack of painted dogs.

This will be my third time taking part in the three peak challenge, so when I heard Joe’s call to get involved, I thought what a perfect opportunity to do it again, but this time for a vital cause.


I work on the herpetology section and spend most of my time caring for the amphibians at Chester Zoo.

From baking to Born Survivor, I love to get involved in raising funds for Chester Zoo’s conservation work. This year’s challenge is sadly going to involve less cake but thankfully also less mud than my previous challenges!


I am a rhino keeper at Chester Zoo and I have run a 10K for Act for Wildlife before, but that was nice and flat… To reach the top of all three mountains, we will need to climb 9,800 feet, which apparently is a bit like scrambling up Blackpool Tower 20 times!


Having previously run Tough Mudder for Act for Wildlife, I was keen to keep up my commitment to the team’s events. The three peaks is a challenge that I’ve always wanted to do, so when Joe put out a call for pack members I jumped at the chance.

Now, I work in IT and thought whilst I was raising money for charity I would also try and show everyone that IT workers aren’t just deskbound nerds!

Raising money for great causes, seeing fantastic sights, keeping fit. What isn’t to like!?

I’m hoping that others will see what we aim to achieve and will back us in all our efforts and provide some vital funding needed to secure a better future for the painted dogs.


I’m a retail supervisor at Chester Zoo. I have worked here for two years and feel very passionate about all the animals within the zoo.

I have recently returned from an expedition in Ecuador, experiencing first-hand the conservation work that the zoo carries out in the field. This has made me want to be involved in more activities, and what better way than raising money for Act for Wildlife! I’m sure this will be the first of many.


I’m a Zoo Ranger and give the animal talks around the zoo. Just like how painted dogs communicate with each other to pass information between the pack, I communicate with visitors to raise awareness about conservation and the natural world.

I love being outdoors and have hiked up Snowdon in the past, but not Scafell Pike or Ben Nevis…yet! I’m looking forward to the adventure and am excited to be part of this team, raising awareness and support for the conservation of these amazing endangered animals!


I’m Head of Guest Experience at Chester Zoo, and am looking forward to completing the 3 Peaks as a team to raise funds for this important cause.

My last challenge was The Great North Run in 2003… and I haven’t done anything big since then so it will definitely be a challenge!

Please give what you can to help save Painted Dogs.


I’m a keeper on the zoo’s giraffe team, working with several hoof stock species, some of which share the same habitat as the Painted Dogs.

I was incredibly fortunate many years ago to see Painted Dogs in the wild while travelling in Botswana and I love to think that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will have that oppurtunity too.

I feel privileged to be able to take on these mountains with the team, to make my own small contribution to hopefully ensuring their long term survival.

Challenge: 3 Peaks Chris Grindle


I’m Hannah and I work in the Aquarium. I look after nearly ten thousand fish, some of which share their habitat with African Painted Dogs.

This is my first attempt at the Three Peaks and my first challenge as part of Team Act for Wildlife.

I’m looking forward to representing the Aquarium and Chester Zoo whilst supporting this important conservation endeavour.

Challenge: 3 Peaks Hannah Thomas


I run the Catering department at Chester Zoo – ensuring all our visitors and staff are fed and watered. I oversee the operation of 14 kiosks, three coffee shops and three restaurants serving over 1.2 million people each year!

One of the unique parts of working at the Zoo is knowing all your hard work is contributing to good causes and being able to get involved directly in fund raising initiatives such as the 2 challenges I am undertaking this year: the 3 Peaks challenge for Painted dogs and the Chester Half Marathon to save Indonesian Songbirds. The aim is to raise awareness of both causes and hopefully get a little fitter along the journey!

Challenge: 3 Peaks Olly Hill