5 Jan 2016

The virtual world of Pokémon Go has taken the real world by storm with 15 million users worldwide.  Many rare Pokémon have been discovered on planet earth and here at Chester Zoo we’ve become a pretty popular hide out for the virtual little pocket monsters you’ve been hearing so much about.

So what makes Chester Zoo so special for Pokémon hunters?

Our aquarium, home to thousands of exotic species from all around the world, has been spotted to have some pretty important co-inhabitants – Goldeens (catch rate 29.4%), Magikarps (catch rate 33.3%) and Lapras (catch rate 5.9%), to name only a few.

Rhyhorn can be found rampaging around our black rhino habitat, but with a catch rate of only 15.7%, you will be lucky to see him. Rhyhorn is known for running fast and being reckless, so you better try and keep up before you miss it!  Other Pokémon that have been discovered here are Bulbasaur, Ponyta, Vulpix, Grimmer, Staryu, Venonat, Eevee and Jigglypuff.

There’s a huge number of Pokéstops within the zoo, 33 in total, all scattered around 125 acres of beautiful zoo grounds. Pokéstops are where you can restock on Pokéballs which you need to catch and improve your collection of Pokémon. They’re located near most all of the animal habitats at Chester Zoo.

There are five gyms here at the zoo, with many visitors a day these gyms are constantly being taken over by players from all over the world! This is the best way to prove that your team is the best team, by battling other trainers and their chosen Pokémons. Will the champions be Valor, Mystic or Instinct? The benefits of winning gym battles will allow you to pick up items for each day that you’re undefeated. These items include PokéCoins and Stardust to power up your Pokémon.

If any of your Pokémon need to be healed after a relentless battle in a gym, then you can also find potions around the area which will restore your Pokémon back to fighting fit. You can get these from the Pokéstops at almost every corner, so you won’t run out any time soon!

We’ve also got free Wi-Fi throughout the whole of the zoo you can stay connected without using your data.

And not forgetting that a day at Chester Zoo is a full day out and involves quite a bit of walking, so it’s the perfect opportunity to incubate your 2km, 5km and 10km eggs. Get walking and see what hatches!

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