13 May 2020

We’ve lost nearly 1/2 of the world’s wildlife in the last 50 years due to habitat loss, pollution and poaching.  Many of the threats to wildlife are caused by humans, so it’s our responsibility to protect them in any way possible.  At Chester Zoo, we work in a number of different ways to prevent the extinction of endangered animals

Use our step by step guide to inspire your learners about some amazing endangered animals that we’re fighting to protect, show them ways in which the zoo is doing this and give them some actions to help in our mission of preventing extinction!


Endangered is a term we use to describe when an animal is in danger of becoming extinct. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species collects data about species all over the world to assess the risk of extinction for each. Some animals are more or less threatened than others

To start off, ask your learners to think about what they think an endangered species is and encourage them to do their own research.

Discover information about different animals and how at risk they are in the wild.

Take a look at our: Animal Fact Files

Start using the IUCN Red List in your research.

Download our: Threatened Species Activity

As you’re doing your research you may spot some words you’re unfamiliar with but you can use our glossary to discover the meaning.


Use our: Endangered Species Glossary

We have lots of endangered animals at Chester Zoo but why not have a go at creating your own using what you’ve learned so far.

Use our blank animal fact file to fill in all the information about your made up animal.

Download our: Animal Fact File Template



It’s time to have a think about what might make an animal endangered. Animals around the world are threatened by many different things and a lot of these are unfortunately caused by humans.  

How many threats can you think ofWhat might cause the number of animals to decrease? 

Use our blank worksheet to write down your thoughts. 

Download our: Chester Zoo Writing Sheet 

Pick one of the conservation threats you thought of to create a poster explaining the problem. 

For some extra help we’ve put together some useful videos and posters linked to some of the major threats facing wildlife.  

Unfortunately, the illegal trade of wildlife is one of the biggest threats in the world right now. Animals are poached for different reasons including for use within medicines and the pet trade. 

Find out more about how illegal wildlife trade is affecting wildlife with our suite of animations 

Watch our: Illegal Wildlife Trade [VIDEOS]  

Habitat loss due to agriculture and modern infrastructure is often one of the first causes of animals becoming endangered 

Find out more about deforestation with our: What is deforestation? [VIDEO] 

You could also take a look at our ‘In search for Sustainable Palm Oil’ blog to find out more about our Sustainable Palm Oil campaign supporting plantations in South East Asia to commit to deforestation free palm oil to help wildlife. 

Pollution is also a huge problem all around the world and it can have a devastating impact on plants and animals as well as humans 

For some useful tips on things you can do to help you can use our threats to marine species poster. 

Download our:  Threats to Marine Species Poster



Now you’ve learnt all about endangered species and some of the threats they face, it’s time to get creative and look at ways you can help! 

Use our activity sheet to become a conservation superhero and create your very own comic book, what would your superpower be and how would it help endangered species? 

Download our: Endangered Species Comic Book Activity

There’s lots you can do at home to help endangered animals at home! 

See if you can have a go at sorting household items in to the 3 Rs

Try our: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Activity

For more ideas on how you can help animals by making the environment better, you can get some top tips from our video. 

 Watch our:  How to be Green video 


At Chester Zoo, we’re always finding new ways to help endangered species through our science, conservation and education work around the world.

Support us in our mission of preventing extinction today!




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We’d love to see what you come up with!