3 Jan 2013

The tiny arrival, who weighed just 3.7kg when she was born, is going from strength-to-strength thanks to Helen’s care and dedication.

Zeyar was rejected by her mum leaving Helen to ensure she gets her four bottles a day.

Brow antlered deers are classed by conservationists as endangered meaning Zeyar’s arrival is great news for the future of her species.


Fast Facts 

• The species is native to Myanmar (Burma) • They live on open grassy plains, swamps and deciduous forests in the vicinity of water • Their numbers are decreasing in the wild • The most obvious threat to the deer is from hunting, which in addition to local consumption of meat is driven by a thriving trade in bushmeat and an East Asian market for traditional medicinal products derived from the species, as well as an international market for trophy antlers • Their name is due to the shape of the males antlers • Latin name is Rucervus eldii thamin • Zeyar is Burmese for ‘success’ • Zeyar is the only baby brow antlered to have been born in the UK this year • Chester Zoo is the only zoo in the UK currently breeding the species