12 May 2017

Hannah Brooks, Chester Zoo’s Community Engagement Manager tells us more about how and why the school got involved:

“I visited the school back in January to tell the teachers all about the songbird crisis out in South East Asia which I witnessed first-hand during my visit to our field partner in Indonesia. I could tell that the teachers were shocked about the scale of the problem as they previously knew nothing about it and when we explained that their school could get involved and do something about it they were 100% on board.

“The school decided to transform their curriculum and developed songbird lessons that related to every subject to be delivered over six weeks.” – Hannah Brooks

“They also wanted to spread the message further and ran a campaigning afternoon where they visited other local schools and Cheshire Oaks to allow their students to share what they had learnt.

It’s amazing to see the students talking about songbirds and the threats they face, you can really tell that they’ve got a deep understanding of it and that they care passionately about taking action.”


Head of St Bernard’s Primary School, Andy Moor, explains more about how the students have benefited from such a deep learning experience:
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