29 Oct 2014

Four year old Bradley managed to take time out of his busy half term schedule to chat to us about his amazing fundraising activities for orangutans in the wild.

Bradley Driver at Chester Zoo

He managed to raise enough money to plant 6 native trees in Borneo!

How did you hear about Go Orange for Orangutans?
I read it in one of the Chester Zoo e-newsletters. I read one of the stories about orangutans and it upset me that they were losing their homes.

I like monkeys and orangutans are my favourite animal.

What did your family and friends say when they found out what you were doing?
They were happy to help me. I took the wristbands to football practice. My friends thought it was good. My mum helped me too by taking some to work.

What are you going to do next?
I want to fundraise again. I want to sell 5,000 million next time!

If you want to be a fundraising star like Bradley, and help us to raise money for our Go Orange for Orangutans campaignfind out more here.

On another, more musical, note Chester Zoo visitors were treated to a live performance on Monday (27 October), as Junebug played a number of animal themed songs – including their ‘double ape side’. The two songs are helping us raise money for our conservation campaign. If you missed them, not to worry, you can download the songs here and listen to them as many times as you like!

Junebug performing at Chester Zoo

The band deserves another big thank you after taking the time to perform at the zoo and raise a further £50 towards the campaign.

Orangutan & donation bucket

There’s still time to Go Orange for Orangutans too! We’ve managed to raise £12,000 so far, thanks to our supporters, meaning we’re getting closer and closer to our target of £15,000.