13 November 2020

Keepers are celebrating the birth of a rare baby rhino!

04 September 2020

A critically endangered Western chimpanzee has been born at Chester Zoo.

The baby was safely delivered by 43-year-old mum, Mandy, overnight on Friday 21 August, following an eight-and-a-half-month pregnancy.
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22 May 2020

Three tiny dwarf mongoose pups have emerged from their burrows for the very first time!

24 March 2020

The delightful duo arrived to seven year old mum Fiona following 135-day-long pregnancy and have been clinging tightly to her ever since.

24 January 2020

After staying snuggled up in their holts with parents Annie and Wallace for a number of weeks since their birth, the adorable quintet have finally developed the confidence to venture outside for the very time.

28 November 2019

The new baby, a male named Arga, was safely delivered by mum Subis (32) at around 4:30pm on Thursday 14 November, following a nine month pregnancy. Our conservationists now plan to select a fitting name for the adorable, brown-eyed youngster, who has been spotted clinging tightly to mum since birth.

30 October 2019

A pair of endangered red panda cubs have been spotted emerging from their den for the first time!

08 October 2019

We’re celebrating the birth of an eastern bongo – the rarest large mammal in Africa

20 May 2019

A one-week-old giraffe calf, born at Chester Zoo, has ventured outside to play for the first time!

09 May 2019