22 March 2021
16 October 2020

On our quest to prevent the extinction of the Asian elephant, we take a closer look at what our Hi-Way herd get up to at night.

28 July 2020

This International Tiger Day, we’re reflecting on the first phase of our Living with Tigers project in the Terai region of Nepal. 

16 July 2020

Since 2016, conservation scientists from Chester Zoo, PROMETA and the University of Oxford WildCRU have been working to facilitate human-bear coexistence through poverty reduction in Bolivia.

05 May 2020
In Malaysian Borneo, conservationists are endeavouring to find solutions to wildlife challenges that benefit both humans and wildlife alike. 
30 April 2020
Alongside conservation and education, one of the core tenets of a modern zoo is research – but what exactly is the contribution to science from EAZA zoos? This new piece of fascinating research involving Chester Zoo’s Research officer, Dr. Lindsay Eckley, set out to find out just that.
26 March 2020

From helping breed the first rhinoceros hornbill chicks at the zoo in over a decade, to spending two hours each day chopping food, a life of a Bird Keeper is interesting, varied and two days are rarely the same. Casey Povey tells us what it’s like working with all our feathered friends.

Casey Bird Keeper | Chester Zoo
Casey – Bird Keeper


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23 March 2020

Being global leaders in animal welfare for more than 35,000 animals is no easy task, it takes a dedicated team of keepers, vets and scientists. There’s a myriad of questions about the animals that our brilliant team set out to answer, every single day. Are the animals happy? Are they healthy?Are any females pregnant? Many of the answers to these questions can be found in a very unusual place – POO.

20 March 2020

As we approach Mother’s Day, we shine a light on the special women in our lives, who have watched us grow, taught us right from wrong and held our hand through the highs and lows of adolescent life. Some mothers live high up in trees in the tropical rainforests across Sumatra, and have to fight to help protect their families from an ever-changing world, that is driving their species to extinction.

08 March 2020

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating some of the latest achievements of our conservation scientists and educators.