17 Mar 2023

The time has come for yet another year of Hedgehog Watch, and we want you to be involved!

Over the past two years, hundreds of families and communities in Cheshire have come together to map Chester’s hedgehogs and other wildlife in one of the biggest citizen science projects of its kind in the UK. As the project reaches its third year, we’re looking for Chester residents to borrow a camera trap and join our exciting initiative to discover what wildlife’s in your garden!

23 Feb 2023

We’ve formed an exciting new partnership with businesses and partners in the Cheshire Science Corridor to work on cutting edge and world leading research.

25 Nov 2022

Nearly 30 years after the golden skiffia disappeared from Mexico’s waters, our conservationists have helped to return the rare fish to the wild.

25 Oct 2022

We’re celebrating our latest arrival here at the zoo: an endangered greater one-horned rhino calf born to mum, Asha after a 16 month pregnancy!

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7 Sep 2022

We’re delighted to announce that popular children’s TV presenters Mwaka Mudenda and Chantelle Lindsay are set to headline our Wildlife Connections Festival later this month!

31 Mar 2022

For the carefully balanced forest ecosystems of Madagascar, the recent presence of the invasive Asian common toad presents a potentially grave threat.

11 Feb 2022

On International Women & Girls in Science Day, we hear the lived experiences of some of the women who have achieved hugely successful careers across different scientific disciplines, and today form key pillars in the Chester Zoo team.

3 Feb 2022
We’ve begun a pilot study of a new vaccine to FIGHT the deadly virus which affects young elephants, EEHV.
2 Feb 2022

Discover how science led us to develop a pilot study of a vaccine for EEHV, and the next steps on our journey to preventing this deadly virus found in young elephants.

14 Jan 2022

Have you always dreamed of working in conservation, but don’t know where to start? Then our careers in conservation event is for you!