25 October 2019

2019 has seen the engulfing of the world’s forests as a warming planet continues to choke under smoke and flames. Despite the trials, heroes continue the fight.

24 October 2019
23 September 2019

The UK Government has today announced increased funding to protect global biodiversity and prevent extinction.

13 June 2019

Four thousand rare snails, bred and reared by conservationists at Chester Zoo, are being released back into the wild in Bermuda.

17 May 2019

The first intense surveying efforts on Bawean Island have shed light on the future for conservation of the endemic and endangered biodiversity that lives there

25 April 2019

Conservation & Communities – The Future for Madagascar’s Lemurs

25 April 2019

Funding has been granted to cover the next three years of Chester Zoo support of Madagascar’s Mangabe Protected Area.