22 December 2020

We’ve been working with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) to prevent the extinction of endemic species on Mauritius and Rodrigues for many years. An important part of this work is supporting the development of education programmes that encourage people to value and protect the species we’re working together to save.

15 December 2020

Plant expert and Chester Zoo partner Joshua Styles hasn’t been slowed by the turbulent year of 2020.

23 October 2020

Two years ago, an outpouring of generosity following the devastating fire at Monsoon Forest, allowed us to fund pioneering conservation efforts in South East Asia, and here’s where we are today…

16 October 2020

On our quest to prevent the extinction of the Asian elephant, we take a closer look at what our Hi-Way herd get up to at night.

08 October 2020

Since 2002, we’ve been inspiring and educating the next generation of conservationists by offering a number of placement opportunities to university students. 

01 October 2020

Unusual frogs found in the dry forests of Mexico have bred at Chester Zoo – a European zoo first for the species.

25 September 2020

Access to technology allows our conservation and science teams to better understand animals, their habitats and the threats they face in the wild. Without vital data from our field projects, our mission to prevent extinction is dramatically hindered.

08 March 2020

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating some of the latest achievements of our conservation scientists and educators.