14 Jan 2022

Have you always dreamed of working in conservation, but don’t know where to start? Then our careers in conservation event is for you!

You want a career in conservation but  don’t know where to start? What should you study to get a job in conservation? You’ve been in marketing for the past 5 years, is there a job in conservation suitable for you?

Conservation careers are as broad and varied as nature itself.

Whether you are in school, starting out in your career, considering switching your career to conservation or are looking at how your skills can be applied to conservation, through our careers in conservation event on 7-11 March we hope to showcase the variety of careers in conservation available at Chester Zoo.

We are driven by our passion to prevent extinction but there is so much varied and valuable input needed from a whole spectrum of people to ensure we get to our end goal. To be effective in protecting species we have to draw on many skills from across the organisation and beyond.

Conservation as a career has expanded way beyond what is traditionally considered as a career path into conservation. What was once thought of as purely ecologists concerned about the environment has grown and expanded into a rich and diverse group of people with incredible skills and knowledge who strive to make an impact and combat the issues that face species, habitats and ecosystems.

“In a nutshell, I create partnerships with like-minded organisations that allow Chester Zoo to continue, and even enhance, our important conservation and education work.”

Rose Gelder, Corporate Giving Specialist.

Conservation is the ecology, care and study of species ex-situ and in-situ as well as the work with communities to ensure livelihoods are protected. Conservation is giving young people the power to take action and communicating with audiences worldwide. Conservation is also policy change and behaviour change.

“My research focuses on the evolution of mating traits during ex situ breeding of birds, a key component of conservation for many species. A better understanding of current practice can help us to improve and continue to prevent extinction in the future!”

Rebecca Lewis, Conservation Scientist

Our conservation work cannot happen without an army of individuals who are all part of the jigsaw in making our work a success. You don’t have to be a scientist to play a role in conservation. There are often roles that aren’t associated with conservation, our communicators, our fundraisers, our accountants, our architects, our website designers, all of these roles make a real contribution to conservation at Chester Zoo.

“My role allows me to talk to thousands of students over the course of a year, aged from four years old right up to degree level about preventing extinction! I can give them examples of the valuable work that Chester Zoo does, and what they can do in their every day lives to help protect these wonderful species.”

Ed Boyd, Conservation Education Officer.

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For those looking at a career in conservation think about how your skills or the skills you want to gain could contribute towards conservation but also reflects your passion. Not all routes into conservation are linear but do everything you can and take every opportunity you can to get involved. There are great ways to absorb new knowledge and skills and it doesn’t always have to be through first hand work experience or a degree in science. Look at joining local wildlife interest group, subscribe to the latest conservation journals and newsletters or even become a member of a youth board for an environmental organisation.

Careers in Conservation Event

The world of conservation is huge but we can all play a role in preventing extinction. To explore the possibilities, join us at our Careers in Conservation event.