4 Aug 2021

Cancel your Tuesday night plans… The Secret Life of the Zoo is back on TV next week with a brand NEW series!

The hugely popular show has been running for an incredible FIVE years now, with 65 episodes having broadcast in the UK since it first hit our screens in February 2016. This latest series – series 10 – will again transport the zoo into the homes and hearts of the nation, through another six UNSEEN episodes.

The new run starts on Tuesday 10 August at 8pm on Channel 4, with the following week’s episode then available to watch on All4 straight afterwards, for those who simply can’t wait a whole week for more zoo action!

The stories in the new series were filmed back in 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and feature a host of species ranging from Asiatic lions to tiny vampire crabs, with our talented keepers providing insightful, funny and often moving commentary on the lives of the animals at the zoo.


In episode one, we’ll see the incredible work that goes into caring for the herd of endangered Asian elephants; we’re privileged to witness the birth of Malayan tapir, Rony; we find out if beautiful hyacinth macaw, James Bond, manages to strike up a connection with a potential new mate and we get up close and personal with the critically endangered golden mantella frogs – meeting the newest generation of this wonderful species.


Meanwhile, as a little curtain raiser to the new series, a shorter, 30 minute-long episode, throwing back to some of the biggest and most popular stories that have already aired over the last five years, will broadcast on Channel 4 this Sunday (8 August), 6pm – 6:30pm.

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