6 Oct 2017

A recent continent wide survey revealed that African elephants are declining by 8% per year, due mainly to poaching – that’s 27,000 slaughtered every year. Asian elephants have declined by more than 50% over the last three generations. Continued trade in items made from ivory fuels demand and encourages illegal poaching. We now call on all parties to ensure the proposed legislation goes far enough to make a major impact on this crisis. Here at Chester Zoo we will be bringing leading experts together for an important symposium on the illegal wildlife trade, on Saturday 7 October, chaired by TV wildlife presenter Steve Leonard.

Ivory seized in Malaysia

Illegal wildlife trade is the greatest direct threat to many of the world’s most iconic species, and can include anything from live animals and plants to a range of products including ivory, skins, medicines and other trophy items. Find out more information about this and how to help.