9 Nov 2012


Otter pups very first swim!

One of the very first glimpses of the two Giant Otter pups born in September.


Black Rhino Calf

The baby black rhino, called Chanua (meaning ‘blossom’ in Swahili), was born in October 2012 to mum Ema Elsa. With only around 700 left in the wild, black rhinos are critically endangered and dangerously close to extinction.

Every birth is therefore vital to ensure their survival and we hope Chanua will eventually join the international breeding programme to help boost numbers in Africa.

(Chanua has been seen out in the paddock very briefly, but her trips outside depend on the weather.)


Baby Giraffe

The rare baby Rothschild giraffe was born at Chester Zoo in October 2012, to first-time mum Dagmar following a 14-and-a-half-month pregnancy.

The baby giraffe has been named Kanzi (meaning ‘a treasure’ in Swahili) – named by staff in a voting poll.