31 May 2017

I have always wanted to work with animals but circumstances in my life had, until recently, prevented me from doing so. Several years ago I was bullied at work and it had a terrible impact on me. It led to mental health problems, a host of subsequent health-related issues and I isolated myself from friends and family. Slowly, after counselling, I started to finally regain confidence.

A volunteer engaging with visitors at the zoo.

Then, earlier this year, the opportunity to volunteer at the zoo came along. I jumped at the chance as being around animals makes me feel much calmer. I have to admit that, on my first day, I was half an hour or so late for my shift as I came across five ducklings that appeared a little lost and I had to usher them to safety!

All of the other volunteers that I’ve worked alongside have been very helpful and, although my memory isn’t the best, I’ve slowly picked up and remembered a few amazing animal facts. My favourite place is the butterfly house and, although I’m still getting lost around the zoo, it all adds to the fun! 

Interested in becoming a volunteer at the zoo? Find out more here.